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You down with PPE?! (Yeah, everybody!)

During our recent plight of the dreaded Covid-19 Pandemic/Debacle

I woke up and found myself in a new world.

A masked one. Im certain I wouldn't mind so much if I was an Avenger or maybe even a kick a** ninja girl but I am not. I am just simply me. :) I dread wearing masks. I get the sense of security it can give ones psyche and i am sure it provides protection of some sort (to varying degrees depending who you ask) but I personally am not fond of them. Its hard to breathe, talk, and show my beautiful smile :) . For those who work as Essential Workers on the Front Line donning the mask for long hours let me say "Thank You for your perseverance and your sacrifice". The heat, sweat and oil buildup can cause skin irritations as well as bruising. Moisture and Vapor, as well as secretions such as saliva or mucus, get trapped inside the mask. That then acts as an irritant (dermatitis) to the skin and causes an upset to the equilibrium of the skin around the mouth. Chaffing and tiny papules are common with this type of skin irritation. The best way to keep the skin protected is by using a gentle hypoallergenic cleanser and a heavy cream preferably with vitamin K and E to create a barrier that will protect your skin from friction and also combat bruising. We now live in a world where masks are the new norm. I would say there is a bit of heroism in all of us in surviving.

Maintaining your skin and protecting it is no longer viewed as a luxury it is a necessity.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe



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