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How To Tame Your Bearded Dragon

Lets discuss a topic which I know is near and dear to a lot of our hearts men & women alike.

BEARDS! xoxox

Whether it's faux or natural, I am sure you'll find these tips useful because it all boils down to hygiene and maintenance. A scratchy dry beard can drive anyone insane if it's not cared for properly. The key is to establish a routine which should consists of washing, conditioning, trimming and brushing. A good shampoo filled with botanicals will not only clean but have your beard smelling fresh. An exfoliating conditioner will work to keep the skin underneath moisturized and reduce ingrown hairs. Keeping your beard trimmed and neat will also keep split ends at bay. Last but not least, brush your glorious beard/mane which stimulates growth but is also just a soothing self-care ritual!


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