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Life in all its beauty oftentimes doesn't allow for ours. It was this disservice to some of our best clients who were just too busy or too far away, that MJSBS saw the need for Sanctuary Home Solutions. Looking and feeling your best shouldn't have to take a backseat because of a demanding lifestyle. Now you can achieve healthy skin and enjoy tranquility in the comfort of your own home! Take care of your SELF. Our in depth Organic skin care approach sets you on the path to: Self Love & Skin Appreciation. Let our licensed skin therapist bring the sanctuary to you. "Your bliss beckons."

Classic Facial
Our most popular cosmetic procedures, this treatment has helped countless clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin. Our specialist have refined and formulated a treatment  to suit your skins specific needs.
Cleansing & Clarity
(Deep Cleansing Facial)
Advanced procedures making use of ultra sound and high frequency currents to combat sebum production and clarify the complexion.

Treatment : Deep Nourishing Cleaning, Exfoliation, Gentle Extractions as needed, Customized Soothing Treatment Mask, Massage of decollete and hands.
Radiant Glow
(Anti-Aging Facial)
Utilizing ultrasonic waves to promote cell turnover rate, reduce wrinkles and diminish fine lines. Revitalize your skin and be radiant!

Treatment: Cleaning, Gentle Exfoliation,Gentle Extractions as needed, Customized Treatment Mask, Massage of ​​decollete and hands.
Break-Room Bliss
(30 Min Express Facial)
In a hurry but still want to experience bliss on the go? Try our customized express facial sure to revise your skin in a pinch! Treatment includes cleansing, toning and moisturizer as well as mini massage of decollete. No extractions.
Gentlemen's facial
A cleansing and purifying facial specially formulated for Gentleman. Focusing on the targeting dull skin, dry patches, sensitivity and irritation due to shaving. This experience ends with a relaxing shoulder massage as well as Post-Treatment advice on your best skin care practices.
Add allure and elegance to that evening ensemble. Svelte, smooth, and sexy...Backs are Back! And we've got yours.

Treatment: Deep Pore Cleansing, Breakout Clearing, Followed by a Hydrating Nourishing Treatment Mask.
Lymphatic Drainage
Super powerful, relaxing, "pick-me up" releases toxins. Helps improve; Complexion, Acne Inflammation, as well as Post Op Healing.

 Treatment: Cleaning, Exfoliation, Gentle Extraction (as needed), Customized Treatment Mask.
24K Luminous Glow
(Hyperpigmentation Facial)
Specialized treatment targeting dark spots,age spots, discoloration, freckles.Using our cell refresh exfoliating lotion along with our 24K gold collagen mask , the skin is renewed and rejuvenated leaving it naturally brightened and youthful!
CBD Infusion Facial
Reawaken and renew
your senses with this mind and body healing treatment. Using cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients which boast anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident properties. Leaves skin feeling radiant and relaxed!
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