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Low Cost, High Charge! All About High Frequency

First developed in the 1800's by renowned scientist Nicholas Tesla has been used in the beauty industry for decades. Used to treat acne, wrinkles,dark circles, stimulate hair follicles and cellulite, the safe gentle approach and the beneficial factors are numerous making it an important part of any skin care regimen.Filled with argon gas, high frequency delivers a low-level electrical current as it is held against the skin. Used mainly to treat acne as it kills the bacteria that causes the main issue,high frequency has been proven to be effective on almost any skin lesion including cold sores. The best time to utilize it for cold sores is when the initial start of the sore begins, when you have just a little tingling.When the high frequency current electrode is held directly on a cold sore lesion for at least 10 minutes, it shocks the virus. A virus replicates itself and attacks cells. This shock interrupts the virus from multiplying.


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