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Break A Sweat..Without the Stress

Have you ever joined a gym and paid a ridiculous monthly fee only to find you hardly ever utilize it? Been there done that! I remember always setting my fitness goals especially for New Years and becoming highly disappointed at not achieving my goal but also the financial hit to my pocket. Enter class pass a perfect solution for those wanting to get fit but on your time and no impact to your dime. While it is membership based, the pass allows you to take some of the most hottest trending classes around the city as you aren't beholden to a specific fitness facility. Another awesome perk is that its not just limited to fitness. Members earn loyalty points that allow them to relax unwind and choose from an array of specialized facials at a discounted rate.We at MJSBS feel like this is a great approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Not only will you get fit and trim, you'll look good while doing it!



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